Once upon a time, a long time ago, when the only books you read were children’s books, you read about Laura Ingalls. You read Little House in the Big Woods, where she turns five, and you read all the way through her eighteenth birthday in These Happy Golden Years.

Then you began to wonder. About Plum Creek and De Smet and Independence. You learned more and found out about Burr Oak and Mansfield. All the places Laura lived. And you wanted to go there. You wanted to learn as much as possible about the flutterbudget who grew up to be a world-famous writer.

So did we. We traveled. We read. We found kindred fans and traded stories. Eventually, we realized that something was missing in the online world:  a central point of reference for both new and longtime fans to use as their launch pad into the world of Laura. Thus, Beyond Little House was born.

Consider Beyond Little House your online sociable. Created by a group of expert Laura and Rose enthusiasts, Beyond Little House will be a crossroads for everything you want to know about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Because no fan is the same, our interests and styles vary. The one thing we all share, unequivocally, is a love for all things Laura.

Poke around. Let us know what you like, or what’s missing. And add it to your feeds. The blog will be updated regularly by our expert contributors with all the news and information available — plus a few surprises of our own.

We’re happy you found us.

Contact Beyond Little House and The Homesteader:

Write the Beyond Little House staff at beyondlittlehouse at gmail dot com or use the form below. Write the Homesteader at editor at homesteadernewsletter dot com.
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