Heidi Thorley

Heidi has been a member of LIWLRA since before 2015 and has attended all LauraPalooza conferences since 2015
Heidi has volunteered at LauraPaloozas on Registration and Welcome Committees and prides herself on being a Hybrid Laura person:
I appreciate both communities – books & show and Love of Laura: came from reading and re-reading the books as a military child, moving to a new
“little house” myself every two years; also, I’m a descendant of pioneers who crossed the plains
in covered wagons.  She has been a teacher at high school and college levels, as well as worked in a museum.  She recently completed a term as
secretary for the United States Military Academy Parents Club), as well as local boards.
Heidi believes in preserving and celebrating the legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder through a “big-tent” approach.